The winners of the competition “School milk and fruit” have been selected!

The Rural Support Service of Latvia and the Ministry of Agriculture are happy to announce that the winners of the competition “School Milk and Fruit” have been selected.

The commission in general evaluated 541 works of the competition: drawings, collages, video materials, animations and other creative works. Taking into account that all the submitted works were beautiful, interesting and creative, the evaluation work was complicated and extensive. The commission also granted special awards, and decided that all contestants will receive small promotional awards.

Photo: Commission evaluates the received works

Congratulations to both: the winners and all the contestants!

From April 16 to April 20, the Rural Support Service of Latvia will contact each of the winners individually to discuss how the prize will be received. The winners (class groups 1- 4, 5-6 and 7-9) will have the opportunity to go on an excursion. Time of its occurrence and the route will be discussed individually.


Winners of competition:


Pre-school education institution group:


1st place: Rīgas 225. PII, 3.speciālā grupa

2nd place:
 Veselavas PII, 3. grupa ‘’Bitītes’’ un 4.grupa ‘’Kastanīši’’


2nd place: Rīgas PII “Margrietiņa”, 5.grupa “Spārītes”



3rd place: Rēzeknes pilsētas PII “Vinnijs Pūks”, grupa “Tīģerēni”


3rd place: Penkules pamatskolas PII, 5-6 gadīgo grupa


3rd placeDaugavpils pilsētas 1.PII, 8. grupa “Pūcīte”


Class group 1-4:


1st place:
 Liepājas centra sākumskola, 2.d klase

2nd place:
 Talsu sākumskola, 4.b klase

2nd place:
 Jēkabpils pamatskola, 3.e klase

3rd place:
 Rīnūžu vidusskola, 4.a klase

 Kuldīgas Mākslas un humanitāro zinību vidusskola, 3. un 4. klase

Special prize: Riebiņu vidusskola, 1.klase



Special prize: Lībagu sākumskola, 4.klase

Special prize: Rēzeknes internātpamatskola-attīstības centrs, 3.a un 4.a klase




Class group 5-6:


1st place:
Liepājas Oskara Kalpaka 15.vidusskola, 5.a klase

1st place:
 Krimuldas vidusskola, 5.a,b un 1.a, radošā IT multimediju klase

2nd place:
 Jelgavas 4. sākumskola , 6.f klase

3rd place:
  Robežnieku pamatskola, 5.klase

3rd place:
 Pelču speciālās internātpamatskola – attīstības centrs, 5.klase

Special prize: Viļānu vidusskola, 5.a klase



Special prize:
Ludzas 2.vidusskola, 6.a klase

Special prize: Birzgales pamatskola, 5.klase




Class group 7-9:


1st place:
 Tukuma 2. vidusskola, 7. b klase

2nd place:
 Sīļukalna pamatskola, 7.klase


3rd place:
 Kandavas internātvidusskola, 9.a klase

Special prize: Maltas vidusskola, 8.b klase


Participants and received works:


Publicēts: 19.04.2018

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