Support for delivery of milk and dairy products for educational institutional schoolars (School milk)

European Commission financed programme “Support for delivery of milk and dairy products for schoolars” is one of the common market organization support instruments, however the main objectives of the programme are related to the promotion of healthy nutrition and dairy consumption among pupils, not market regulation.

Students have the opportunity to receive up to 250 ml of milk each day or certain dairy products at a reduced price within the programme. Furthermore, the programme allows for member state assign additional funding from the state budget thus letting reduce products’ price or even ensure them free of charge.

EU programme “School Milk” encourages children to use dairy products and to follow balanced diet. The programme also plays a certain educational role as it promotes proper eating and nutritional habits, which would be lasting for all future life.

Supported Sectors

  • Dairy Industry
  • Market Promotion Measures

Support Applicants

  • Legal Persons
  • Private Persons
  • Government Authorities
  • Farmers
  • Municipal Authorities
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