352 works received in the contest “From seed to table”

How does seed grow? How to care for the plant? How certain plants can be used in cooking? Answers to these questions in spring children from pre-school education institutions with their teachers were searching in the competition “From Seed to Table”. In March, preschool educational institutions received a kit: a box with soil and peas. The task was to sow the peas and explore how they grow, nurture and make creative work – a set of drawings, collage, photo collage, video or other creative visual work.

All contestants will receive promotional awards – wall calendars for the school year 2019. The Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) will deliver calendars to educational institutions in September 2019. Recipients of special prizes will be announced on June 7th.

The response to the competition was very high. In total 352 works were received.

RSS invites everyone to make sure that the posted work is included in the list and to provide additional information in case it is needed. Please contact us by e-mail prese@lad.gov.lv.

RSS has created a small photo gallery so that anyone interested can see at least part of the contest works.

The competition also included interesting recipes that require the use of peas.

The competition “From Seed to Table” was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the University of Agriculture and the Rural Support Service of Latvia within the framework of European Commission programme “School Milk and Fruit”.


Publicēts: 06.06.2019

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