Materials for teachers on food and its production

There have been prepared various materials for teachers within the framework of the programme “School Milk and Fruit” to make lessons on this topic more interesting.

The Lifelong Learning Center at the University of Agriculture has developed a methodological material and a set of practical tasks for pre-school institutions and schools in order to expand the knowledge of children on agriculture and food production. Materials cover such areas like seasonal and regional products, local food chains, food choices and their impact on health, basic principles of healthy eating and food waste.

The methodology chosen and described gives children the opportunity to experience a variety of direct experiences, to explore, experiment, and discover from the first conception of fruits, vegetables and milk as food prior to understanding their nutritional value, types and importance of cultivation, as well as cooking and the economical use of these products.

Materials can be downloaded from the website, section “Materials for teachers”


Publicēts: 16.10.2018

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