Programme “School Milk and Fruit” in magazines and videos!

This spring was very active – number of interesting and exploratory activities were launched within the programme. We have posted actual information on the programme’s website, also had active communication in our social networks.

Encyclopedia! Magazine “Pūcīte” is informative and exciting read for little ones and a reliable partner for learning. In May issue readers had a great opportunity to learn how milk is made and why it is so valuable to our body.

Children health! The programme “School Milk and Fruit” is implemented in pre-schools and primary schools, as it is very important to develop healthy eating habits in early childhood. Magazine “Mans Mazais” offers to find out the answers and interesting facts about healthy eating.

Ideas for healthy food! During the recipe competition #veselsAUDZIS a video with culinary blogger Pepper has been created. It clearly shows that available vegetables are just perfect for cooking and gives us various interesting, healthy and easy dishes!

Care for healthy nutrition every day! Magazine “Ieva” has compiled interesting and useful information about the program, rules of healthy diet and provides tips on how to include more vegetables, fruits and berries in every day nutrition. The article also shows a family experience of what a healthy diet looks like on daily basis.

Publicēts: 10.06.2022

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