The winners of ideas competition “Milk and fruits – my friends” are selcected

Congratulations to the Andreja Upīša Skrīveru Secondary School, 5th a grades team “M&M”!

“Ābols Pienšļācis” (Apple Milksplash) has become a friend of the programme “School Milk and Fruit”! You will be able to meet the programme’s friend in various events where it will encourage you to eat healthy.

The Lifelong Learning Center at the University of Agriculture of Latvia organized an ideas competition “Milk and Fruits – My Friends” for preschool and school children (up to the 9th grade) within the framework of the programme “School Milk and Fruit ” implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Support Service of Latvia. The aim of the competition was to create and revitalize the image of the programme, to help children understand agriculture and food production, the problem of food waste, food choices and their effects on health, healthy eating habits, local food chains and healthy eating issues, including conclusions about good practice examples in Latvia.


Publicēts: 26.06.2018

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