Children receive planting sets – this year will grow dill and letuce

We have a spring update! The Rural Support Service of Latvia, the Ministry of Agriculture and Sedumi Ltd have prepared a set of planting boxes which are going to be delivered to pre-school educational institutions by mid-March.

Fruits and vegetables grown in Latvia are the best for our health. So this spring, we will give pre-school children a great opportunity to sow and grow delicious salads and aromatic dill, which will be good for healthy and vitamin-rich meals.

It is important for the programme “School Milk and Fruits” to encourage children to develop healthy eating and nutrition habits that will last a lifetime. Educational and hands-on activities allow to understand how the interesting world of plants is created.

Information material and useful tips on how to grow dill and lettuce is availble at the programme’s website. Printed material, as well as everything needed for the growing process, is also included with each planter box set.



Publicēts: 01.03.2024

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